The website presents the mathematical model of the spreading of the COVID-19 in different countries. The model uses the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), the information received from the national ministries of health, the decisions taken by the governments of different countries and takes into account many additional factors, such as the quarantine measures, the level of the national health service, the level of the discipline and the sociability of the population in different countries, the average age of the citizens, etc.
The predictive information is being updated as the data becomes available.
The solid line on the diagram shows the statistical data, the dash line shows the predictive information.
Select the country you want to fly to and click OK.
The results for each country are on the same scale. The windows of the opening countries are highlighted in blue when it is possible to have the air communication.

  The when.flights project was founded by the group of analysts from different countries and is made to predict the information about opening and closing the flights under the conditions of the spreading of the COVID-19 in different countries.
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